Please Note: Museum Passes are unavailable at this time.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks to The Friends of the Bernards Township Library for sponsoring the Museum Pass Program.


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Who can borrow a pass?

  • Residents of Bernards Township
  • Non-residents who work in Bernards Township
  • Bernardsville Residents

Must be registered as adult cardholders at Bernards Township Library.


How do I borrow a pass?
To reserve a pass ahead of time, visit the Library or call the Adult Circulation Desk at 908-204-3031, ext. 2.
Passes may be borrowed without a reservation if available.


How far in advance may I reserve a pass?
Reservations may be made up to 90 days in advance.


Is there a fee to reserve or borrow a museum pass?


How many passes may I borrow at one time?
One museum pass per family.


May I cancel my reservation?
Reservations may be cancelled up to two days before your museum visit. 
If a cancellation is made the day before the visit, or the pass is not picked up, 
a $5.00 fee may be charged to your Library Account. 


How long may I borrow the museum pass on weekdays?
You may borrow the museum pass for one day; pick-up is after 3:00 pm the previous day,
and return is by 11:00 am following the visit.


How long may I borrow the museum pass on weekends?
You may borrow the museum pass for the entire weekend; pick-up is between 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Friday,
and return is by 11:00 am on Monday. 


Where do I pick up my pass?
You pick up your reserved pass in its pouch at the Adult Circulation desk, upper level during Library hours as indicated.

Regular Hours: Mon -Thurs: 9:30-9:00 | Fri: 9:30-5:00 | Sat: 10:00-5:00 | Sun: 1:00 - 4:00

Summer Hours July & August OnlyMon -Thurs: 9:30-9:00 | Fri: 9:30-5:00 | Sat: 10:00-2:00 | Sun: Closed


When do I return my pass?
You return your museum pass in the pouch by 11:00 am the day after your scheduled museum visit;
weekend users have until Monday by 11:00 am. The Library has purchased a single set of museum passes.

We rely on borrowers to return passes promptly so that as many people as possible will enjoy the program. 


Are there overdue fees for late returns? 
Yes, $5.00/day, no exceptions, no maximum fine limit.


May I return the museum pass in any of the book drops?
You may return the museum pass in the Library’s onsite book drops during hours the Library is closed.
Please do not return it in the offsite book drops.


What if I lose the pass?
You are charged the replacement fee, ranging from $50—$500.


Why were these museums chosen for the program? 
The museums were selected based on their interest in participating in the Library’s museum pass program.