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Manufacturer: AmScope M150C Student Microscope

Included in the kit:

  • AmScope M150C-1 Cordless LED Microscope
  • Power cord
  • Three AA batteries
  • Instructions
  • Plastic Carrying Bin 
  • Book: See Inside the Microscopic World, by Rosie Dickins 
  • Plastic case with microscope preparation kit  (with prepared and blank slides, coverslips, pippetes, tweezers, cotton swabs, test tubes, petri dish, microtome, and more).

The AmScope M150C Student Microscope is an ideal tool for home home or school for students in elementary through high school sciences.  Included are five magnification options (40X-1000X) and LED illumination.

User Instructions: 

Steps on How to Use a Light Microscope
1. Connect the light microscope to a power source. 
2. Turn the revolving nosepiece so the lowest objective lens is in position.
3. Mount your specimen onto the stage. But before doing so, make sure that your specimen is adequately protected by placing a coverslip on top of it.
4. Use the metal clips to keep your slide in place. Make sure the specimen is positioned in the center, right under the lowest objective lens.
5. Look into the eyepiece and slowly rotate the coarse adjustment knob to bring your specimen to focus. Make sure that the slide does not touch the lens.
6. Adjust the condenser for the maximum amount of light. Since you're on the low power objective, you may have to decrease the illumination. Use the diaphragm under the stage to adjust.
7. Slowly rotate the fine adjustment knob until you obtain a clearer image of your specimen.
8. Examine your specimen.
9. After you're done viewing with the lowest power objective, switch to the medium power objective and re-adjust the focus with the fine adjustment knob.
10. Proceed to the high power objective once you have it focused.

For more information, view User's Manual or this helpful video: