• Picture Insect: Bug Identifier- Identifying insects has got easier with Picture Insect App. Simply take or upload a picture of the insect, and get accurate and instantaneous results with our revolutionary artificial intelligence technology.
  • Nature Guides- The National Wildlife Federation has many different field guide apps that focus on different subjects: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects/spiders, butterflies, mushrooms, and trees. Download your favorite and get started!
  • WWF Together- Swipe through photographs and get bite-size stats on big creatures like elephants and other endangered animals (giant pandas, tigers, sea turtles). You can also learn about conservation efforts and get news about wildlife.
  • Picture This- Simply take or upload a photo of any plant, and get instantaneous and accurate plant ID results!
  • The Cat in the Hat Builds That- Based on the PBS KIDS series, “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That,” this app introduces pre-k kids to science inquiry and engineering (STEM) concepts through games tailored to their learning progress.
  • Fish School- A playful underwater experience filled with 8 educational activities, this award-winning app teaches children letters, numbers, shapes and colors with colorful fish and friendly sea life characters. Ages 2-5.
  • Khan Academy Kids- Inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery with our free, fun educational program for children ages two to seven.
  • Play and Learn Science- The Play and Learn Science app contains a suite of educational kids games from PBS KIDS designed to encourage early science learning!
  • PBS KIDS Games- The PBS KIDS Games app has over 100 free learning games with your favorite PBS KIDS characters. Kids can play anytime, anywhere!
  • PBS KIDS Scratch Jr- With PBS KIDS ScratchJr, kids can create their own interactive stories and games featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters. The storytelling possibilities are endless with this creative coding app for children ages 5-8.
  • Scratch JrCoding is the new literacy! With ScratchJr, young children (ages 5-7) can program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.
  • Seek by iNaturalists- Get outside and explore the nature around you! Use this free app to identify plants and animals in your neighborhood (while social distancing)!
  • States of Matter by Tinybop- Experiment with solids, liquids, and gasses from the safety of your own tablet!
  • National Ocean Service- The NOAA Ocean Podcast. Connect with ocean experts and explore topics from corals to coastal science with our audio podcast.
  • But Why- But Why is a show led by you, kids! You ask the questions and we find the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there. On But Why, we tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world.
  • Ear Snacks- A musical podcast for kids about the world.
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls- Based on the bestselling series, each episode delves further into the lives of women from the books, encouraging young listeners to ask questions and explore their interests.
  • Kids Ask Authors- Kids Ask Authors is a weekly 5-10 minute podcast where children’s book author/illustrator Grace Lin and a guest author answer one question from a child reader. Most episodes will end with a book review, poem, short story or a joke by kids! 
  • Kids Listen- Listen and learn about science, history, animals, music, and language, and then make that learning active with hands-on projects and activities.
  • Kidz Nuz- Five minutes of today’s top stories, current events, politics, science, entertainment, sports and more — all nonpartisan and age-appropriate.
  • Little Brown Library- Booktalks and and interviews with popular children's book authors, like Grace Lin and Peter Brown.
  • The Past and the Curious- this amusing podcast features people telling interesting, little-known stories from history with an emphasis on fun and humor. 
  • Story Time- Do your children like listening to a story? Story Time has lots of great stories for everyone to listen to. Each story is usually less than 20 minutes long, hopefully just long enough to keep your toddler, preschoolers, and little ones engaged. Story Time is a free fortnightly audiobook podcast for children ages 2-13.
  • Go Noodle- Make screen time active with 300+ videos that feature kids songs, dance, yoga, mindfulness, stretching, and more. 
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga- Interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence - and gets kids into yoga and mindfulness early!
  • PBS Kids- Make music with some of your favorite characters at
  • Teach Your Monster to Read- The groundbreaking game that makes learning to read fun!
  • Cooking with Kids- How-to videos educate and empower children and families to make heathy food through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable food.
Animal Cams

Many zoos and aquariums offer live feeds of their animals! Check out: 

Great Wall of China

Take a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China! This field trip offers great 360 views as you 'walk' along the wall.

Johnson Space Center

Boeing and Discovery Education offer a virtual field trip to the Johnson Space Center! In this field trip, kids will learn some history of space travel, then hear from Boeing employees working to create a new spacecraft. 

The Louvre

The Louvre museum in Paris, France offers virtual access to many art exhibits.


Explore the real surface of Mars! Ride along with the Curiosity Rover and get 360 degree views of Mars.

Yellowstone National Park

The National Park Service offers virtual tours of different attractions in Yellowstone National Park (spread throughout Idaho, Wyoming and Montana), including Mammoth Hot Springs, Mud Volcano, the Upper Geyser Basin, and more!

NASA Glenn Research Center

Get an inside look at the NASA Glenn Research Center! You can tour different laboratories, wind tunnels, and rocket hangars.

Egyptian Pyramids

Digital Giza gives you access to the largest collection of information, media, and research materials ever assembled about the Pyramids and related sites on Egypt’s Giza Plateau.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website offers in depth information on different birds. There are project ideas to encourage bird watching and observation.