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Included in this kit:  

  • Two (2) white umbrellas
  • Two (2) lamp holders
  • Three (3) muslin backdrops (black, white, green)
  • Six (6) backdrop clamps
  • Two (2) soft boxes, each with one white squares
  • Four (4) light stands
  • Large Neewer carrying case
  • Backdrop support stand system in carrying case
  • Two (2) tripods
  • Four (4) metal extender rods
  • Four (4) light bulbs, in 2 boxes, stored in larger case included in this kit:

This kit includes everything you need to set up a professional studio for photography or green-screen video.  The supporting frame opens up to 6 ft. x 9 ft., with green white or black backdrop options.  Also included are four lights on adjustable stands.  Two of the lights are backed by translucent umbrellas, which soften and disperse lighting output; two are housed in soft boxes.  The kit breaks down to fit into two bags.

Set up instructions.