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Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

Please take notice that the Library Board of Bernards Township will meet to discuss or act upon public business on each of the dates set forth below at the Library, 32 South Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.


History of the Library


Bernards Township is a unique community with citizens of long residence and longer memories. Their recollections inspire an author to produce a polished book worthy of the resources.

The early dedicated library pioneers left behind volumes of minutes, at times so detailed as to reveal true book lovers, community movers and shakers. We all are recipients of their tireless efforts.

Library Catalog

Morris Automated Information Network [MAIN] Library Catalog

Bernards Township Library is a member of the Morris Automated Information Network [MAIN], a New Jersey organization of 36 municipal public libraries and the Morris County Library. These libraries share a computer system and offer the 26,000+ residents of Bernards Township and 470,000 residents of Morris county an online library catalog that lists over 2 million items.

Leisure Learning


We are pleased to announce that Leisure Learning
is once again open to residents of any community!

The Spring 2015 session of Leisure Learning will run from March 23 - May 11.  This continuing education program offers adults eight Mondays of morning lectures in art, music, literature, history, politics, and current affairs, as well as eight afternoon musical performances. Registrants can attend three of the many program choices offered each Monday for the entire eight week semester. 

Board of Trustees


Eileen Walsh, Kippy Piedici, Mary Jane McNally, Jeanmarie Genirs, John Carpenter, Tania McCabe, Ruth Lufkin, Lisa Marshall
Not pictured: Tim Opremcak and Jonathan Vidler

Vision and Mission Statement


To cultivate an inviting community destination, where curiosity can spark discovery.


Bernards Township Library’s mission is to inform, enrich and connect our community.

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