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We are looking forward to beginning our Fall Early Literacy Story Time sessions. Please view our story time schedule for information regarding times, ages and online registration. You can also register by phone (908-204-3031 x3) or in person.

Don't forget to stop by the children's desk to pick up free tickets to see Big Jeff in concert on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 10:30 to 11:15 am.  Big Jeff will be here to promote Library Card Sign-up Month.

PicnicThe big book of slumberFlip & Fin : we rule the school!

The cosmo-biography of Sun Ra : the sound of joy is enlighteningPoppy the pirate dog's new shipmateThe Chicken Squad

Picnic by John Burningham - Play a game of  hide and seek with these wonderful illustrations and fun story by master author/ illustrator John Burningham.

The Big Book of Slumber by Giovanna Zoboli & Simona Mulazzani – With beautifully illustrated creatures and rhyming text, this book makes for a very relaxing bedtime story.

Flip and Fin: We Rule the School by Timothy Gill & Neil Numberman - Ocean themed jokes abound in the silly, fishy story.

The Cosmo-Biography of Sun Ra: The sound of Joy is Enlightening by Christopher Raschka – This is an enlightening introduction the life of a visionary jazz musician with fantastic illustrations.   

Poppy the Pirate Dog’s New Shipmate by Liz Kessler and Mike Phillips – Poppy the Dalmatian gets a new little brother, but not one she was quite expecting.

The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure by Doreen Cronin & Kevin Cornell - When the squirrel Tail comes barreling into the chicken coop ranting about a round, shiny, green, big, scary thing in the yard, Dirt, Sweetie, Poppy, and Sugar investigate this strange object.

Hi, Koo! : a year of seasonsFirefly July : a year of very short poemsOutside the box

Little poems for tiny ears : poemsHow I discovered poetryPoem-mobiles : crazy car poems

Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons by Jon Muth - Jon Muth and his delightful little panda bear, Koo--challenge readers to stretch their minds and imaginations with twenty-six haikus about the four seasons.

Firefly July: A Year of Very Short Poems selected by Paul B. Janeczko & illustrated by Melissa Sweet – This is a beautifully illustrated poetry collection to enjoy all year long.

Outside the Box: A Book of Poems by Karma Wilson and Diane Goode – This collection contains 100 humorous poems by the best-selling author of Bear Snores On. 

How I discovered Poetry by Marilyn Nelson – Fifty biographical poems tell the story of the author’s growing up during times of great change in the U.S.

Little Poems for Little Ears – Lin Oliver and Tomie DePaola – A collection of original poems perfect for the toddler set.

Registration for the spring early literacy story time sessions begins on March 1.  The spring session begins on March 25 and continues until May 9.  For dates and times click here. Register online, by phone or in person.

Africa is my Home: A Child of the Amistad by Monica Edinger  & Robert Byrd - This is a fictionalized tale of a child who arrives in America on the slave ship Amistad. It describes her capture, her witness to a mutiny, and the Supreme Court trial that prompts her return to Africa.

As Fast as Words Can Fly by Pamela M. Tuck and Eric Velasquez – Mason is a wiz at typing and uses his skills to help write letters during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. But when he is faced with hostility by the children and adults at his all-white school, he decided to take a stand.

Awesome African-American Rock and Soul Musicians by David Aretha – This book covers some of the music industry’s greatest talents such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Prince.

Hey, Charleston! The True Story of the Jenkins Orphanage Band by Anne Rockwell & Colin Bootman – This is the true story of Reverend Daniel Joseph Jenkins, a big hearted man  who took in orphans and turned them into world class musicians.

This is the Rope: A Story from the Great Migration by Jacqueline Woodson and James Ransome - A rope passed down through the generations frames an African American family's story as they journey north during the time of the Great Migration.

Martin and Mahalia: His Words, Her Song by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney - As partners in the civil rights movement Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahalia Jackson fought segregation with the sheer power of their voices.


See What a Seal Can Do by Chris Butterworth & Kate Nelms – Are seals just adorable sunbathers? Not at all.  Learn how they flump, dive, fish and more in this beautifully illustrated book.

The Cart that Carried Martin by Eve Bunting & Don Tate – It was just an old, ordinary cart, but it pulled the body of a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the day of his funeral.

We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song by Debbie Levy & Vanessa Brantley-Newton - This book tells the history of an American song that has come to represent the fight for freedom and equality all over the world.

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table by Jacqueline Briggs Martin & Eric-Shabazz Larkin - The story of former basketball star and current urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, whose vision of gardening from abandoned urban sites led to a grassroots feeding craze.

Is This Panama: A Migration Story by Jan Thornhill and Soyeon Kim – Sammy, A Wilson’s warbler, is ready to make his first trip south for the winter, but the other warblers have already left.  How will Sammy find his way?

Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon - In New York City, a "groovy little jazz number" brings together a lonely crocodile and deer.

Tea Party Rules by Amy Dyckman & K.G. Campbell – A little bear cub pretends to be a teddy bear in order to participate is a delicious looking tea party.  Little does he know that the hostess has some surprises in store for him. 

Little Santa by Jon Agee – Have you ever wondered what Santa was like as a boy?  Read this very funny “biography” of Santa Claus and find out.

Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella by Jan Brett – Brett puts her own original spin on the Cinderella story, placing it in 18th century Russia with chickens!  As usual, the pictures are fantastic.

Brownie Groundhog and the Wintry Surprise by Susan Blackaby & Carmen Segovia – Brownie must settle down for winter and asks Fox and Bunny not to disturb her while she sleeps.  Unfortunately, fox misses Brownie, so he plans a surprise for her.  But will he have to wake her up?

How to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton & John Rocco – Have you ever considered getting a train for a pet?  If you have, this book will teach how to catch and care for it. 

The Mad Potter: George E. Ohr, Eccentric Genius by Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan – This biography details the fascinating life of a one of a kind potter whose designs were way ahead of their time.


The Library is accepting donations of books for infants through teens from November 1 until December 14.  The donations will be distributed throughout New Jersey to children and teens who have limited access to books. 
Collection boxes are located in the Children's Library and near the Reference Desk.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown – Mr. Tiger is tired of being so proper all the time, so he decides to go wild! Maybe a little too wild for the other animals in his town. Thankfully, Mr. Tiger’s wildness has some pleasant consequences.

Xander’s Panda Party by Linda Sue Park and illustrated by Matt Phelan – Xander the panda wants to throw a panda party, but he is the only panda at the zoo.  Who will he invite?  This is a sweet story about making everyone feel included and it also contains interesting animal facts.

Click, Clack, Boo! A Tricky Treat by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin – Farmer Brown does NOT like Halloween, but the animals in the barn love it, so they are throwing a party!

Here I Am by Patti Kim and illustrated by Sonia Sanchez – This wordless book explores the overwhelming experience of moving to a new country when a young boy and his family settle down in to New York City.

Hello, Mr. Hulot by David Merveille – David Merveille brings Mr. Hulot to life in these short comics with hilarious sight gags.

Dusk by Uri Shulevitz – On a cold afternoon a boy and his grandfather walk through the city as day turns to night and they observe the changes that occur.


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